OOTA - Slumbering Tsar

The Caravans Return

After an intense battle with the spitter gargoyles, Alex and Agra broke into the vault that held the treasure that the gargoyles had amassed after years of raiding caravans. As Alex and Agra looked through the loot in the vault Tessa flew up to the top of the central column. There she found the tortured body of an elf. She unchained the elf and brought him down to have Gabe take a look at his wounds. After being healed the party was able to find out that the elf was part of the caravan that they had been looking for. Once the elf was secured the party negotiated the division of the loot between them and the Margoyles. With the loot divided up the party moved their share to their wagon with the help of the Margoyles. After an uneventful trip back to the camp the party pull up to the Stumble Inn and surprise Sammar with her shipment of rugs and the survivor of the caravan. The party make plans to go to Bards Gate for a shopping spree with their loot and the reward from Sammar.

Camp Hospitality

After the battle on the hill, the party comes to an arrangement with Griswold, the undertaker, seeing how good they are for business. Woderick and Agra sign on, or at least accept the offer of a place to sleep, while the rest of the PCs attend to other tasks around the Camp. Gabe Ironheart and Dagonet return to the Bender Brother’s inn, where Joshiah Bender is a wonderful host, and Jashanah Bender proves an even better cook. Gnomes just get hospitality right, it seems. They’re joined by the caravan guard the party had hired for the meal, and then the two retire to their small rooms for the evening.

Later that night, the first watch was interrupted by Finneleaus, the town drunk and livery, sniffing around the horses again, but he’s ran off by Alex and Jinn (notably Jinn, who seems to be acquiring a taste for elf cheek). The second was interrupted by the caravan guard moaning and squatting closer than is hygenic to his bedroll, and gripping his stomach. Back at the inn, Gabe is similarly afflicted, but his dwarven fortitude lets him make it to the privy.

Unfortunately for him, the privy is not as private as he thought, and his altogether unsatisfactory night is made worse by a gnomish rapier being driven through his neck. Pants around ankles, leaking about every bodily fluid known to dwarf, he stumbles into the hall where he’s confronted by four Drow warriors moving in eerie synchrony. This whole situation reminds him uncomfortably of the time when, as a young dwarf, he ate that mushroom on a dare, and he flees the scene as best as he’s able, making it out the door, pursued by the drow.

Meanwhile, Dagonet is fending off another gnomish assassin in his room. He, too tries to leave the scene by jumping through the window, like in that play he saw back in Bard’s Gate. He did not take into account that it was a gnome-sized window, rather than an elvish one, and gets himself stuck. Presenting one’s posterior to a prospective assassin is not wise, and Dagonet suffered for it, eventually making it out the window

The rest of the party being roused, they make their way to the inn. Alex meets Gabe on the path, and entangles those near the inn to slow down pursuit, Tessa takes to the air to scout and rain fire, and Agra charges fast as he’s able.

The element of surprise lost, and numbers and power turning against them, one of the Bender Brothers try to make a stand in the inn, only to be smushed to a bloody pulp in very short order by Agra. The other two try to escape out a back window, but Tessa, Alex, Dagonet and Agra follow, finally laying them low.

Peace returns to the camp, except for the gastrointestinal distress of Gabe and the caravan guard, but even that dissipates by morning.

XP- 2057 ea.
Loot – TBD

Maxx Power's Scouting

So while wandering through the camp occasionally mumbling to the statuette in his pocket (I assume there’s an activation word) may draw some attention, it was productive.

The map of the camp is here:

For convenience, I’ll use the labeled locations as points of interest
General Impressions- The entire Camp radiates a low to moderate aura of evil, particularly when a dusty wind blows in from the Desolation. Off in the general direction of the ruined city of Tsar, you get a low, pulsing sense of evil, though nothing specific.

1- The Common with the gallows, and the “corpse” with the sign cheater dangling from it.

Impressions – As the party knows, that corpse is definitely evil, though less hungry than it was now that it snacked on Clantock, the mercenary.

2- The Celestial Emporium, a rundown collection of tarps and stalls with various goods for sale. Woderick and Agra were shopping here when Clantock started harassing that young lady

Impressions- Too many people to focus on, generally, though not exclusively evil. Even without St. Filmore’s guidance Maxx would probably guess the merchants were trying to pull a fast one on unwary customers

4- Finn’s Livery, as Alex and Tessa have discovered, the owner is unscrupulous and a drunkard
Impressions- Finnelaus is sleeping off his latest bender, so not much can be gleaned here other than the presence of about a dozen poorly cared for horses

5- Abandoned Camp- The type of refuse and middens here indicate that the previous residents were giants or giantkin. Perhaps the PCs met one prior resident on entering the Camp. If so, it’s understandable why no one else has taken up residence. Aside from cleaning the mess, you wouldn’t want to explain to Gurg why someone was sleeping in his bed
Impressions- No creatures or auras to go on, St. Filmore just looks at you giving his characteristic thumbs up

6- Sip ‘O blood taven- Lucky Bjorc’s tavern, garrulous owner and six tavern wenches of easy morals
Impressions- Bjorc seems as simple as he sounds, and more than a few moments of detect thoughts on the women make you blush

7- The Usurer’s Blacksmith shop – The party has met the taciturn patriarch of the Camp already. The number of odd bits of metal around the shop and quality of the workmanship is remarkable. More than several of the knives hanging on display appear of masterwork quality
Impressions- The focus the odd man has on his work is as intense as you have ever known. Anything else, including the presence of patrons, is an annoying distraction. Additionally he radiates intense evil.

8-Well House . Well constructed mortared stone, better built than anything else in town. Built more like a tiny fort than a typical well, several campies come and go while you observe.
Impressions- The stone prevents observation into the house, but the campies seem no worse, though certainly no better than the rest of the residents

9-Skeribar’s Ranger guides Crumbling adobe buildings and tents surround a beautiful garden, much better than what you’d guess the land here could support. You’ve heard of some of their vegetables for sale in the Emporium but have yet to meet the guides.
Impressions- The surly guard dogs dissuade you from lingering too long near this encampment

10-Chapel of the Dying Light – two round mudbrick towers joined at the bottom with tarps covering the gap between them make a crude, small shelter. It looks as if there is a makeshift hospital under the tarps, currently unoccupied. THe symbol of Nergul is painted on the door.

11- Bender Bros. Inn. Several of you have taken residence here, but the ramshackle collection of reinforced and joined carts contains enough wood to keep detect thoughts and detect evil from functioning into the occupied areas of the Inn.

12-Empty Sod House

13- The Apothecary – Mama Grimm and her pet goblin bears serve as the town’s potion maker and herbalist and lives in a large hollowed out mound on the edge of the Camp. Or so the thoughts of some campies passing by indicate. One wanted a love potion, another poison. The thick walls of the mound also keep detect spells from working.

14- Clantock’s Furious Fourteen. This is the camp of Clantock’s recently leaderless band of mercenaries. With Gurg’s gang out of the picture they were poised to be the best respected (or feared) guides in town.

Impressions- The orcs here sleeping off their last trip to the Sip o’ Blood, radiate faint evil, but no thoughts can be discerned. There may be one guard who isn’t asleep, but you didn’t want to stick around and draw their attention.

15- The Undertaker – a long low structure covered with poorly cured hides, a horrible stench carries downwind from this residence of Griswold, the Camp’s Ghast-ly undertaker.
Impressions- Griswold may be out and about sensing new work may be coming. This place is empty

A Rude Welcome

The party was soon joined by Tessa, an old associate of Alex’s, eager to join his expedition to the Desolation and further her arcane prowess;

The next several days of travel were mercifully uneventful, but the signs of civilization faded as the miles rolled by. Trees became fewer and scrubby brush more common, and eventually the air itself was suffused with dust that left a faintly sulfurous taste in the mouth. It made for some spectacular sunsets, though.

As the small train of wagons crested the last hill before the desolation, The Camp came into view, A bit larger than expected in a simple caravan stop, from a distance you could almost mistake it for a market town. As the party drew closer, though, the ramshackle and temporary nature of the place became evident. Many buildings were nothing more than overturned wagons with tarps, and who knew which were abandoned and which inhabited. The small wagon train drew several uncurious stares from the townsfolk (or “campies”, as they call themselves), and a corpse, several days old hung from a gibbet in the town square, a placard with the lone word “CHEATER” around its neck.

A low, incomprehensible roar could be heard over the hill leading up through town, and any visible the campies made themselves scarce. The enormous figure of Gurg, a hill giant with horrible acid burns on his face came charging down the road, tree-trunk sized spiked club in hand.

Asura was quickest on her (his?) feet, glancing out of the lead cart and creating a deep pit across the road, right in Gurg’s path. Tessa lit up the town square with twin gouts of flame arcing from her figures to burn the oncoming giant. These haazards just seemed to enrage Gurg further who jumped the pit, and brought his club down on one of the draft horse’s heads, the expedition’s first casualty. This very much upset the horse in the adjacent harness, and between sounds and scents of roasted hill giant, mixed horse blood and brains, the poor beast panicked and started pulling hard against the harness, rocking the entire wagon violently. Dagonet struggled mightily to get it under control.

Alex, not unused to adversity, was steady as ever and unleashed a volley at the hill giant, piercing him several times, Gabe summoned a spiritual hammer to aid in the fight, and the battle was truly joined.

After getting the party in a tight spot by flipping the lead wagon over, and dispatching Hubert back to the celestial realms, Gurg finally succumbed to the combined onslaught of the PCs. Amidst the confusion, the panicking horse had burst its harness and run off, and Alex left with Tessa to track it down.

The rest of the party caught their breaths and searched the body, turning up a decanter of endless water and finding that the enormous club was enchanted as +1 keen. Gabe approached a finely dressed campy, who seemed to be eyeing the body eagerly, and met Griswold, the town’s undertaker. He also happened to be a ghast..

Meanwhile, Alex and Tessa had tracked the horse to the businessplace of Finneleaus the elf. A drunkard and remarkably quick-thinking horse trader who had appropriated the beast. Despite the remnants of the snapped harness dangling from the horse’s head, he refused to give it up unless he was brought more wine.

Rather than get into a fight with the second person they met as well as the first, they proceeded to the Sip o Blood Tavern, where they met Lucky Bjorc, a half orc who had nothing left to lose, at least when it came to limbs. He was in surprisingly good spirits for someone who could only count to three on his good hand, and told them that the Usurer made sure that the only currency in town was “iron bits”and that he was the only moneychanger. Bjorc filled their tankard on credit. They left to meet the Usurer and change some coin.

The Usurer was also the town blacksmith, and the incessant clanging coming from his forge made one wonder if he every stopped. He was a thin, tall man, with a too-toothy smile that never reached his eyes. So thin, in fact, it left one wondering how he handled that fairly massive blacksmith’s hammer. Not much of a conversationalist, he changed their money at 5gp to the iron bit and went back to his forge.

Meanwhile Gabe and Tessa went about trying to secure lodgings. The only inn in town seemed to be the “Bender Brothers Inn”, run by a pair of gnomes. It appeared to be just several overturned wagons joined together by a fair amount of slapdash carpentry, but was actually quite cozy on the inside. Rooms were dear, though at 5 iron bits per person..

Finally, Alex and Tessa returned to Finn’s livery. Fed up with the Elf’s abuse, Alex tossed the wine jug at him, and the drunk elf let it slip through his fingers and it smashed to pieces at his feet. Tessa leaped onto the horse, and rode it back into the town center while Finn picked up a spear and sputtered.

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A new land, and we shall call it, "This Land"

The party:

  • Alex Cochrane (JAZ), a a moderately famous citizen of Bard’s Gate, has been granted the title of Baronet, with accompanying land to the north of the city, with a warrant to “pacify the region and render it hospitable to trade”, in honor of his service to the City. He is also able to make grants of his own and raise titled knights to accomplish this task. Of course this land is in the monster infested wilderness near the ruins of the Demon City of Tsar, known as the Desolation. This expedition has drawn the attention of many of the citizens of Bard’s Gate— though not many yet are ready to settle a monster-infested land the more adventuresome have become interested in the
  • Dagonet (Stephen) is a half-elven ne’er do well, who knows every dirty corner of Bard’s Gate. Having crossed paths with Alex before, the two have a somewhat dysfunctional relationship. Even so, Alex occasionally needs someone quiet and quick with a blade, while Dagonet is looking for a way out of his former life in Bard’s Gate. A nice little keep of his own might be just the trick
  • Max Power (Hamilton) – A human wizard who carries an icon of st Filmore, and disconcertingly, talks to it. A devotee of Tykee, the Goddess of luck and Fortune, he has dreams of establishing a gaming house far from the prying eyes of the Bard’s Gate Lyreguard. With a grant from Alex in exchange for arcane assistance, he can make this dream come true.
  • Asura Questinar – an Aasimir Summoner with brazen skin, certainly stands out in a crowd. He (she?) is often seen in the company of her (his?) Eidolon, “Hubert” a wispy blue form which resembles a pegasus crossed with a unicorn. Asura’s motivations are thus far obscure, also a devotee of Tykee, perhaps he (she?) is just intrigued by the risk of a venture into the Desolation. Or maybe the draw of the fallen celestials from the great battle for Tsar is what attracts Asura to this quest
  • Gabe Ironheart(Darel) – a Dwarven Priest of Dwerfater. Sent by the elders among the Dwarves of Bard’s Gate to recover lost artifacts from the Desolation, where many a dwarf had fallen several centuries ago in battle with the forces of Orcus.

— Hirelings

  • Wagon Driver – Wilson Fredericks, middle-aged slightly pot-bellied man looking for something more exciting than milk runs south of Bard’s Gate. Very good with the horses
  • Guard – LLewellyn. Half-orc whom Dagonet recruited, knew him as a bouncer from one of the dives he used to frequent
  • 2 Laborers – Chip and Harvey Muirson. Human brothers Chip is about 6’6" 275 lbs, and very talkative. Harvey barely says a word and is about the same 6’6", but a skinny 170 lbs.
  • Craftsman/Carpenter – Elsinor Filleo, elven craftsman

Along with 4 wagons, 6 draft horses and 2 weeks supplies. The Camp (on the edge of the Desolation, is about 2-3 days travel (~70 miles).

One bright morning the party left the city by the north gate, in good spirits and to a small crowd of well-wishers. The travel by day was uneventful, though the weather inauspiciously changed to a driving rain. By evening, the party was soaked, but the rain had dissipated to a drizzle. As the party made a damp camp, they settled down for the night. Dagonet had first watch, and his keen eyes noticed some smoke drifting up a few hundred yards to the north, but didn’t think much of it. He let Alex, the next watchkeeper know, though.

Alex’s watch was much more exciting. From over by stand of trees, the peaceful night was broken by the thwack and thump of arrows arcing towards the party. Alex was hit and raised his own bow, firing back at the attackers and wounding one, while Jinn covered the ground between Alex and the enemies with uncanny speed. The rest of the party was awake now and reaching for weapons. Asura created a pit underneath the enemies, and also under Jinn. Three of the four figures fell in, along with the cat. Max placed a fireball to roast the enemy who had escaped the pit and set the tree alight, the better to see by.

Meanwhile great beating wings could be heard from the south, and soon a wyvern appeared. Dagonet shot at it as Gabe let forth a burst of holy energy, and it soon became apparent it was an illusion, though not before one draft horse ran off and another injured its leg. The snarls and screeches of Jinn alongside goblinoid curses echoed from the pit

By now the battle had turned, and the party had the upper hand. Well everyone except Jinn. Max snagged the enemy caster in Black Tentacles, and Alex ran over to put an arrow through the hobgoblin who had felled his companion. The other two hobgoblins dropped their weapons as Dagonet joined him, and gave their surrender. After a brief conversation in broken Common, the other two made it clear they were part of a gang named
“Corvin’s raiders” which some of the party had heard made life difficult for caravans north of the city. Corvin was evidently the shaman who had created the illusory Wyvern, and the two were more than willing to trade his life for their freedom.

Summary judgement reached, the two hobgoblins were freed, and the party had acquired 150gp in gems, a ring of featherfall, an amulet of natural armor +1, and the freshly liberated head of Corvin, along with the rest of his body. Jinn was healed, and in a very bad mood, and the party settled in for the rest of the night


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