OOTA - Slumbering Tsar

Camp Hospitality

After the battle on the hill, the party comes to an arrangement with Griswold, the undertaker, seeing how good they are for business. Woderick and Agra sign on, or at least accept the offer of a place to sleep, while the rest of the PCs attend to other tasks around the Camp. Gabe Ironheart and Dagonet return to the Bender Brother’s inn, where Joshiah Bender is a wonderful host, and Jashanah Bender proves an even better cook. Gnomes just get hospitality right, it seems. They’re joined by the caravan guard the party had hired for the meal, and then the two retire to their small rooms for the evening.

Later that night, the first watch was interrupted by Finneleaus, the town drunk and livery, sniffing around the horses again, but he’s ran off by Alex and Jinn (notably Jinn, who seems to be acquiring a taste for elf cheek). The second was interrupted by the caravan guard moaning and squatting closer than is hygenic to his bedroll, and gripping his stomach. Back at the inn, Gabe is similarly afflicted, but his dwarven fortitude lets him make it to the privy.

Unfortunately for him, the privy is not as private as he thought, and his altogether unsatisfactory night is made worse by a gnomish rapier being driven through his neck. Pants around ankles, leaking about every bodily fluid known to dwarf, he stumbles into the hall where he’s confronted by four Drow warriors moving in eerie synchrony. This whole situation reminds him uncomfortably of the time when, as a young dwarf, he ate that mushroom on a dare, and he flees the scene as best as he’s able, making it out the door, pursued by the drow.

Meanwhile, Dagonet is fending off another gnomish assassin in his room. He, too tries to leave the scene by jumping through the window, like in that play he saw back in Bard’s Gate. He did not take into account that it was a gnome-sized window, rather than an elvish one, and gets himself stuck. Presenting one’s posterior to a prospective assassin is not wise, and Dagonet suffered for it, eventually making it out the window

The rest of the party being roused, they make their way to the inn. Alex meets Gabe on the path, and entangles those near the inn to slow down pursuit, Tessa takes to the air to scout and rain fire, and Agra charges fast as he’s able.

The element of surprise lost, and numbers and power turning against them, one of the Bender Brothers try to make a stand in the inn, only to be smushed to a bloody pulp in very short order by Agra. The other two try to escape out a back window, but Tessa, Alex, Dagonet and Agra follow, finally laying them low.

Peace returns to the camp, except for the gastrointestinal distress of Gabe and the caravan guard, but even that dissipates by morning.

XP- 2057 ea.
Loot – TBD


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