OOTA - Slumbering Tsar

Maxx Power's Scouting

So while wandering through the camp occasionally mumbling to the statuette in his pocket (I assume there’s an activation word) may draw some attention, it was productive.

The map of the camp is here:

For convenience, I’ll use the labeled locations as points of interest
General Impressions- The entire Camp radiates a low to moderate aura of evil, particularly when a dusty wind blows in from the Desolation. Off in the general direction of the ruined city of Tsar, you get a low, pulsing sense of evil, though nothing specific.

1- The Common with the gallows, and the “corpse” with the sign cheater dangling from it.

Impressions – As the party knows, that corpse is definitely evil, though less hungry than it was now that it snacked on Clantock, the mercenary.

2- The Celestial Emporium, a rundown collection of tarps and stalls with various goods for sale. Woderick and Agra were shopping here when Clantock started harassing that young lady

Impressions- Too many people to focus on, generally, though not exclusively evil. Even without St. Filmore’s guidance Maxx would probably guess the merchants were trying to pull a fast one on unwary customers

4- Finn’s Livery, as Alex and Tessa have discovered, the owner is unscrupulous and a drunkard
Impressions- Finnelaus is sleeping off his latest bender, so not much can be gleaned here other than the presence of about a dozen poorly cared for horses

5- Abandoned Camp- The type of refuse and middens here indicate that the previous residents were giants or giantkin. Perhaps the PCs met one prior resident on entering the Camp. If so, it’s understandable why no one else has taken up residence. Aside from cleaning the mess, you wouldn’t want to explain to Gurg why someone was sleeping in his bed
Impressions- No creatures or auras to go on, St. Filmore just looks at you giving his characteristic thumbs up

6- Sip ‘O blood taven- Lucky Bjorc’s tavern, garrulous owner and six tavern wenches of easy morals
Impressions- Bjorc seems as simple as he sounds, and more than a few moments of detect thoughts on the women make you blush

7- The Usurer’s Blacksmith shop – The party has met the taciturn patriarch of the Camp already. The number of odd bits of metal around the shop and quality of the workmanship is remarkable. More than several of the knives hanging on display appear of masterwork quality
Impressions- The focus the odd man has on his work is as intense as you have ever known. Anything else, including the presence of patrons, is an annoying distraction. Additionally he radiates intense evil.

8-Well House . Well constructed mortared stone, better built than anything else in town. Built more like a tiny fort than a typical well, several campies come and go while you observe.
Impressions- The stone prevents observation into the house, but the campies seem no worse, though certainly no better than the rest of the residents

9-Skeribar’s Ranger guides Crumbling adobe buildings and tents surround a beautiful garden, much better than what you’d guess the land here could support. You’ve heard of some of their vegetables for sale in the Emporium but have yet to meet the guides.
Impressions- The surly guard dogs dissuade you from lingering too long near this encampment

10-Chapel of the Dying Light – two round mudbrick towers joined at the bottom with tarps covering the gap between them make a crude, small shelter. It looks as if there is a makeshift hospital under the tarps, currently unoccupied. THe symbol of Nergul is painted on the door.

11- Bender Bros. Inn. Several of you have taken residence here, but the ramshackle collection of reinforced and joined carts contains enough wood to keep detect thoughts and detect evil from functioning into the occupied areas of the Inn.

12-Empty Sod House

13- The Apothecary – Mama Grimm and her pet goblin bears serve as the town’s potion maker and herbalist and lives in a large hollowed out mound on the edge of the Camp. Or so the thoughts of some campies passing by indicate. One wanted a love potion, another poison. The thick walls of the mound also keep detect spells from working.

14- Clantock’s Furious Fourteen. This is the camp of Clantock’s recently leaderless band of mercenaries. With Gurg’s gang out of the picture they were poised to be the best respected (or feared) guides in town.

Impressions- The orcs here sleeping off their last trip to the Sip o’ Blood, radiate faint evil, but no thoughts can be discerned. There may be one guard who isn’t asleep, but you didn’t want to stick around and draw their attention.

15- The Undertaker – a long low structure covered with poorly cured hides, a horrible stench carries downwind from this residence of Griswold, the Camp’s Ghast-ly undertaker.
Impressions- Griswold may be out and about sensing new work may be coming. This place is empty


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