OOTA - Slumbering Tsar

The Caravans Return

After an intense battle with the spitter gargoyles, Alex and Agra broke into the vault that held the treasure that the gargoyles had amassed after years of raiding caravans. As Alex and Agra looked through the loot in the vault Tessa flew up to the top of the central column. There she found the tortured body of an elf. She unchained the elf and brought him down to have Gabe take a look at his wounds. After being healed the party was able to find out that the elf was part of the caravan that they had been looking for. Once the elf was secured the party negotiated the division of the loot between them and the Margoyles. With the loot divided up the party moved their share to their wagon with the help of the Margoyles. After an uneventful trip back to the camp the party pull up to the Stumble Inn and surprise Sammar with her shipment of rugs and the survivor of the caravan. The party make plans to go to Bards Gate for a shopping spree with their loot and the reward from Sammar.


jtmodel JAZ1976

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